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[email protected]:~$ vc = eth.contract(abi).at('0x178237283287378738')
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Get Glass.

Glass token holders can exchange their tokens for early hints of exploitable contracts that contain hidden funds (and sometimes even more Glass) inside them. Additionally, Glass can be used @ Glass Hacker School.

Find Exploits

Our exploitable contracts and other software contain Glass (as well as extremely liquid cryptocurrency). Find these exploits and confiscate Glass. This Glass isn't rewarded but rather taken by skilled hackers. These hackers, weather anonymous or named, appear on our Challenges leaderboard.

Buy It

You can purchase Glass with Ethereum or Bitcoin here. Currently, one Glass is .3 BTC. Glass grants you early access exploit hints and the Glass School, where you can build more skills to hack more tech.

Write Contracts

If you write a contract that is featured on our site, you are rewarded 1 Glass. Our reward smart contract reads our site via an oracle. The author's creator address is rewarded 1 Glass upon publication automagically. You don't have to trust us to send funds.

Glass Hacker School

We host online bootcamps available to cyryptocurrency enthusiats, as well as seasoned blockchain developers. Check out our curriculums and reserve your spot to get weekly team-based assignments, tutorials and videos when the upcoming bootcamp starts on October 10th.

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Why We Do This

Here are some recent news that calls for action to be taken in blockchain technology security

Who We Are

We are an anonymous organization. We exist purely via smart contracts. Our Glass token contract lives at 0xc7c40ad438a86d4bdea1f013a1ed8eefa357fbc1 in the Ethereum blockchain. Our support e-mail is manned by anonymous members of our group. We try to help as much as possible. We are based in South Korea, if you're looking for us. Ask around.


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Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions and simple answers to understand

What and Why is Glass Hunt exactly?

Glass Hunt is a playground for learners and developers to hack blockchain technology. We started after many crypto hacks took millions of dollars in Bitcoin and Ethereum via various hacks. We hope that by fostering a community of hackers, with easy-to-use tools to hack, will make the crypto ecosystem more secure, after it's broken a lot of course.

Is this only for hackers?

Glass Hunt is for anyone with desire to take things apart to see what's inside and use tools, not just as they were intended. Existing blockchain developers have an upperhand due to shear experience. We seek to provide that knowledge-base to beginners, as well as the experienced developers o there can be more transparency in the discussions about blockchain discussion, so that not just a small group of "knowledgeable" individuals are feeding insecure technlogy to the eventual masses.

Is Glass Hunt affiliated with the Ethereum Foundation?

We are in no way affiliated with the Ethereum or Bitcoin foundations. We are a fully independent entity. With that said, we have been and will be open to working with individuals from these groups to find more hacks, create more tools, and teach blockchain hacking to more curious minds.

How can I trust Glass Hunt?

Please don't. Our entire reason for existence is that you should not trust institutions, but rather code. Now, of course, code can be flawed. So, if we want you to trust immutable code on the blockchain, we must make sure that this code cannot be manipulated (even though this is always the case). And thus, our reason for existence. We strive to make "code is law" mean more than just "break this and get all the money and maybe a foundation will revert that decision with a hardfork".

What is the Glass Hacker School?

The Glass Hacker School is an online video subscription, which comes with a toolkits to hack smart contracts and other blockchain technology, mostly on the Bitcoin and Ethereum/Ethereum Classic chains. Teams work in groups, using the communication tool Slack, to coordinate attacks with their instructor. We have the Enthusiasts School which focuses on awesome hacks and development in the blockchain for both the web development astute, as well as the non-coder blockchain lovers. Then, for people currently working on blockchains professionally, we have the bootcamp the Pro School (for those who have already hacked stuff and deployed blockchains). Each bootcamp lasts 1 month and Glass Token is issued upon successful completion of the program.

How do I transfer my Glass Tokens?

Glass Tokens can be transfered via our smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Our token contract can be found here: 0xc7c40ad438a86d4bdea1f013a1ed8eefa357fbc1. While we are in beta, it is possible to get some discounted Glass by telling friends about the platform. Just send a friendly email here: [email protected]

What can I use Glass Tokens for?

You can use Glass Tokens to pay for courses in the Glass Hacker School, trade them with friends, and soon trade them on exchanges. We are currently talking with a few exchanges, and as Glass Tokens become more popular, you will be able to trade them in more and more places. Additionally, Glass Token can be used to get a 12 hour headstart on hackable code and hints before they are publicly made available on our site. This is a major advantage and gives you a better chance to be the first to solve a contract puzzle and take the monetary reward, plus some more Glass Token.

Who is behind this?

We are an anonymous organization operating in South Korea. The reason for our anonymity goes back to our belief around trust. Identity is usually tied to trust. We seek that you don't trust us, but rather the code. Additionally we want to show you how to do that. Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses are anonymous, simply numbers. We value that. Thus, our site is simply an address. However, it's not a secret who we are. If you want to find out, with some motivation, I'm sure you can discover our identity, especially if you're in Seoul.

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